There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Blunderbuss Magazine is currently accepting submissions for our next print issue, the theme of which is “Rebel Cities.” To get an idea of what we’re looking for, check out our call for submissions here. If you think we’re simpatico, please send us your completed fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or other writing via this Submittable account. All submissions will be considered for publication in both the print and online editions of Blunderbuss.

We try to be reasonably timely in our replies, but we can’t guarantee a specific timeframe, at least not until an angel investor swoops in and gives us the means to do Blunderbuss full-time. We cannot pay contributors at this time.

For visual art, comics, sound art, and other non-text work: Submit your work directly to, not through Submittable. Please include a brief artist’s statement (150–300 words) and a link to your portfolio. Sorry, but we’re unable to accept email attachments. There are many good, free online services (Flickr, Imgur, Soundcloud, or even a Facebook album) that will host your images or sounds.

Submissions will remain open through February 28.